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Paginate all your data, in professional grade documents like product sheets, technical sheets, labels, flyers. Use your data from any source available in your information system : PIM, PLM, Excels, syndication tool, …

Doculians can use your own design from an Adobe InDesign file or provide some ready to run templates.

Push your automatic document capability to a new level with Doculians!

Key functions

Automatic or manual selections to feed the production of documents and guarantee their creation and updating.

Compatibility with all data sources.

Use of InDesign templates without technical constraints or compromise on quality.

Composition of your documents with complex blocks such as tables, lists, visuals, legends, pictograms, etc.

Provision of generated files (PDF and native Adobe InDesign) for downloading or automatic transfer.


A few seconds after editing the product information, it is updated in the documents that use it.

Once the templates have been developed by your studio or our team of experts, document production is done without manual action.

Unrestricted customization of your templates in Adobe InDesign to unleash your creativity.

Screen quality or optimized for printing, clickable areas, all recording formats are possible

InDesign templates ready
Time to publish reduce
Team effort for Product Sheets
Ready for any API PIM

Ready to run templates

Doculians is provide with more than 50 templates ready to generate your productsheet or marketing documents, only waiting for your datas

PIM and datasources compatibility

Akeneo Product Cloud and CE
Excel (XLSX/XLS)

And many more to come …

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